ES Teck Lifestyle Screening

Our comprehensive ES Teck lifestyle screening gives our naturopathic doctors early indications of health risks, as well as a way to monitor effectiveness of preventative health plans.  Many conditions go unnoticed until painful symptoms arise which indicates disease is well on its way.  By detecting these health risks, naturopathic doctors can work to formulate more customized plans to accelerate the healing process and prevent and reverse diseases.

Our state of the art cardiovascular screening process provides doctors with unique information and correlates with the medical standard Framingham Score.  The Framingham Score estimates the 10 year cardiovascular risk of the patient and their chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

Nutritional screening provides personalized diet recommendations with recommended foods to accelerate the healing process and help prevent future illness. All customized dietary plans also include a list of foods to avoid that can promote inflammation and increase health risks.  Vitamin and mineral deficiency analysis assists in formulation of nutrition and supplement plans.  Proper diet and nutrient balance is an essential part of the healing process and disease prevention.

Proper weight management is also an important part of maintaining optimal health.  Body composition, metabolic rate analysis and lifestyle assessment is included in all nutrient and lifestyle screens.  This addition provides patients with an easy to follow, healthy, custom weight management plan. The following are just a few of things we can use our lifestyle screening to detect.

Adrenal Dysfunction

Autoimmune Disorders

Body Composition Analysis

Breast Health

Cardiovascular Screening

Diabetic & Metabolic Screening

Emotional Health

Environmental Health Risk 

Genetic Risk Factors

Hormone Imbalance

Inflammatory Disease

Neurotransmitter Response

Nutritional Assessment

Organ Dysfunction

Prostate Health

Stress & Lifestyle Risk

Thyroid Health

Women’s Health

ES Teck Lifestyle Screening Brochure