Annette Adams, PSR

Annette Adams

Annette Adams PST, CTT
Patient Service Representative
Certified Thermographic Technician

In early 2017, Annette joined our team as a medical assistant.  In 2017, she completed her training as a Certified Thermographic Technician with an expert in the medical thermography field, Dr. Robert Kane.  Dr. Kane is known as the “Voice of Thermography” and brings over 20 years of experience to the field.  She spent the last several years raising two wonderful boys and supporting her loving husband.  Annette brings her love of family to our office in which she looks forward to focusing her caring nature on our patients.  She has a passion to expand her knowledge of integrative medicine beyond that which she has studied through her own health experiences.  Nutrition, exercise, and general well-being have always been of great importance to her.

Annette earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Missouri after transferring from Northwest Missouri State University.  While attending college, she taught several aerobic classes as a certified instructor.  Her professional experience includes medical laboratory work as a patient care service representative and as a group insurance company administrative assistant.

About six years ago, Annette started having health problems.  She suffered through her issues and attempted to find answers through several traditional doctors with no help.  She was blessed to have meet a functional doctor who finally found the cause and diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease. This was the beginning of her journey to improving her health in a more natural way. Learning how the whole body must be looked at to find the root cause of health problems and make the necessary changes has become her passion.   It is this passion that helps her care for our patients.

In her personal time, Annette enjoys reading, attending her son’s soccer games, traveling with family, serving at her church, bike rides or nature walks and scrapbooking.