Whole Body Thermometry and Dental Health

For over 30 years, medical doctors in Europe have been investigating dental infections as possible causes of disease. In an interview for Alternative Therapies journal, Dr. Thomas Rau, MD explained how Whole Body Regulation Thermometry and biological dentistry have become essential in the clinic. If teeth are disturbing a patient’s regulative capacity, only after associated toxins have been removed can they work to further detoxify and rebuild the dynamics of the metabolic pathways.¹  

Localized infections are often related to systemic disorders.  This is significant as the jaw terrain interacts with the nasal sinuses above and the lymphatic chains below.  Schupbach et al. (1996) found several types of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in cavitated gingival tissue where a tooth was removed but never surgically scraped clean or “sterilized.”²  

Dental Assessment with Thermometry

It is known from acupuncture theory that lymphatic and neurotransmitter pathways connect various teeth with different organs throughout the body. For example, integrative doctors are growing accustomed to looking for 2nd molar infections for breast cancer patients since the 2nd molar sits on the stomach meridian, which travels through the breast tissue.

Tooth Reflexology Chart

In breast disorders, these related connections can be simultaneously activated and should not be overlooked.  As a result, dental health can have a strong impact on overall health and the ability to prevent and resolve health concerns.

The Link Between Disease and Concurrent Dental Infections


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² P Schüpbach, V Osterwalder, B Guggenheim (1966) Human root caries: microbiota of a limited number of root caries lesions.