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At Integrative Medical Specialists, we provide Whole Body Regulation Thermometry, a technology founded on 30 years of patented research by European doctors specializing in Integrative Medicine in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.  A European Whole Body Regulation Thermography scan is the first diagnostic step used at some of the world’s most famous health clinics such as The Paracelsus Klinik of Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D. in Switzerland and the Sophia Health Clinic of Dr. Klinghardt, M.D. in Seattle, WA.  Imaging tests like MRI, mammogram, and ultrasound are all anatomical tests, while Whole Body Thermometry is a functional test of organs and related systems. 

Whole Body Thermometry is an infrared technology that provides a comprehensive evaluation of the functioning health of organs, glands and lymphatics.  Whole Body Thermometry is FDA approved as an adjunct device for:

  • Dental Health Assessments
  • Female Breast Health
  • Inflammatory Conditions
  • Thyroid Abnormalities
  • Men’s Prostate Health
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Various Neoplastic Conditions
  • And More…

Whole Body Thermometry uses an infrared sensor that measures skin temperature from 90-120 points on the body before and after exposure to a cool-ambient room temperature.  Organs respond to this cooling stimulus on the skin surface via the Autonomic Nervous System.  How well your nervous system is able to influence the skin temperature at each point, reveals information about the health of the underlying organs.  Contributing factors to organ health are also captured during the test.  This integrative approach helps your doctor determine the therapies best suited for you, as well as additional testing that may be necessary to confirm findings.


A Functional Perspective

Whole Body Thermometry is a dynamic and innovative way to screen for more than 40 disease patterns in the body, with the ability to detect risk factors early.  Thermometry tracks your Autonomic Nervous System and blood flow responses, pinpoints areas of congestion, areas of potential cyst formation and poor circulation.  This allows your doctor to see what is affecting your health from a functional perspective, individualize a treatment program for you and monitor your progress.

Subclinical symptoms often go untreated and eventually become problematic.  With Whole Body Thermometry the reasons behind your symptoms become clear.  Symptoms and disease are not just physical, they are physiological.  They are a result of blocked regulation.  Healthy tissue can easily maintain its metabolism and stay regulated.  It oxygenates, it detoxifies, it regulates its nutrients and its immunity.  By looking at the body’s ability to regulate and by looking at each organ, gland and tissue, this is the secret to evaluating true tissue health.  As an example:

  • How many blocks are there to the delivery of oxygen and nutrition?
  • How much toxic accumulation is present, causing congestion to blood and lymph?
  • How well can immune cells saturate and protect a tissue? 
  • What meridians are being affected by our dental health?
  • How are the breasts and the prostate affected by the regulation of the body?

Organs in the body are only as healthy as the Autonomic Nervous System that controls them. This involuntary part of your nervous system performs every metabolic process in your whole body, from your heartbeat and digestive function to bone building and wound healing.  Chronic illness develops over time which makes early detection and monitoring with Whole Body Thermometry a proactive approach to health and wellness.  

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