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Integrative Medical Specialists partners with Midwest Thermography to provide innovative methods for women’s health and breast screening.  Licensed Naturopathic Doctors and Certified Thermographers on staff specialize in teaching lifestyle medicine to prevent and treat the cause of chronic health conditions. Our doctors utilize their experience and unique treatment options to provide safer, more effective options for hormone balancing and reduced health risks from abnormal thermograms.  If a thermogram is abnormal or shows that a hormone imbalance is affecting the breast tissue, additional diagnostic imaging may be suggested.  Our doctors are available to assist with further testing recommendations, treatment and partnering with other health care providers for an integrative approach to women’s health.

More has to be done for prevention of hormone related cancers.  By the time mammography and ultrasound detect an issue, a pathology has already developed.  Thermography helps to detect risk factors early to allow time to make a change before the diagnosis can occur.   Breast thermography is an essential addition to breast health screening because of its ability to monitor physiological changes in the breast tissue, such as hormone imbalance and lifestyle effects on breast health.  This assists doctors in formulating more effective treatment and prevention plans, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of treatments and lifestyle changes.

All breast thermograms at Midwest Thermography include a comparison study using a cold water challenge to provide even greater vascular and angiogenesis detail.  This assists doctors in detecting and clarifying abnormalities in the breast tissue from the earliest visible changes.  The cold water challenge is a second series of pictures taken after the patient places their hands in cool water for 60 seconds.  Accuracy, precision, specificity, sensitivity and standardization are all increased by doing a cold water challenge.  Some research shows that the cold water challenge may not be necessary; however we include it in all our breast scans for exceptional accuracy and earlier detection.  Many factors can vary when only one series is done by a clinic and the comparison is done three months later.  For this reason, we strongly advocate the use of the cold water challenge to give the utmost accuracy in every breast thermogram.

Breast thermograms and hormone testing are recommended yearly for women and men if any of the following risk factors apply:

  •    Obesity & Belly Fat
  •    Use of ANY Hormone Replacement Therapy
  •    History of Birth Control Use
  •    Hormone Imbalance
  •    Fibrocystic or Dense Breast Tissue
  •    Family History of Hormone Related Cancers
  •    Personal History of Hormone Related Cancer(s)
  •    Eating Commercially or Conventionally Grown Foods
  •    Exposure To Xenoestrogens in Environmental Chemicals/Products

Thermal Imaging Pricing:

  • Initial Breast Scan $185
  • Return Breast Scan $165
  • Head & Neck Scan $125 ($75 With Breast Scan)
  • Half Body Scan $285 (Including Breast Scan $325)
  • Full Body Scan $375 (Including Breast Scan $400)

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