Integrative Medicine

At Integrative Medical Specialists, our doctors provide individualized treatment plans focused on finding the underlying cause of disease or illness.  Treatments are focused on the “whole person” by addressing physical, emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental, lifestyle and other risk factors.  Comprehensive health screening options are available to provide early indications of health risks, as well as a method to monitor effectiveness of preventative health plans.  By detecting early trends in disease our doctors can work to formulate more customized plans to accelerate the healing process and prevent and reverse diseases.

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Midwest Thermography

More has to be done for prevention of hormone related cancers.  By the time mammography and ultrasound detect an issue, a diagnosis has already developed.  Breast thermography helps to detect risk factors early to allow time to make a change before a diagnosis develops.  Thermography’s unique ability to detect and monitor physiological changes such as hormone imbalance and lifestyle affects on health risk make it an essential addition to breast health screening.

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Natural Hormone Balancing

Hormone imbalance is often the cause of many unwanted symptoms and health risks.  Our doctors provide comprehensive Neurotransmitter/Adrenal/Hormone testing to detect the underlying cause and assist the body to naturally balance the hormones.  Our testing includes estrogen and progesterone quotients to earlier detect risks for hormone related cancers.  These quotients help monitor the risks for cancer in the breast and reproductive organs.  Our doctors use these detection methods in combination with custom treatment plans for prevention and earlier detection of new and reoccurring hormone related cancers.

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